An exciting week for v2food as they launch a first of it's kind plant based protein display in partnership with Drakes Supermarkets in Australia. Drakes have been a fantastic supporter of innovation in the category and we're proud to bring this to life together as part of our ongoing partnership. We believe this display will be the first of many as we support shoppers in clearly finding plant based options on shelf, inspiring them to try delicious plant based versions of their favourite family meals. Amazing collaboration from Samantha Rizzo, Pete Doran, Daryl Rosevear, Jason Smith & Tim Cartwright. Also, great vision for how the hardware could come to life in store from the team at StoreLab. Another bold step in our mission to feed in the planet in a way that takes care of the planet.

2021 is fast approaching and COVID-19 means most retail stores will now not be accessible to CPG manufacturers, whilst category, shopper marketing planning and store design is underway.

Virtual Reality store visualisation and shopper testing is accurate, fast and cost effective bridging the in-store planning and shopper testing gap during the pandemic.


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Shoppers and consumers are more demanding than ever, requiring businesses to meet these needs head on with appropriate experiences.  As technology and data work hand in hand to provide a competitive edge, companies are turning to Virtual Technology to SPEED up the change cycle, and in turn, make their businesses more agile.

One of the biggest challenges data analysts, data engineers and shopper researchers face is how to present the learnings, insights and results in a way that the audience can learn from.

Dean & Patrick will be providing an overview of the systems structure behind one of the largest growth industry areas (VR), and how the multi-billion dollar gaming industry is fuelling this growth and real-world business applications.

They will extend into real-world discussions in how VR is becoming one of the key mediums for testing and research, from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective.  But most of all, how VR is becoming a powerful tool to not just display and evaluate complex ideas, but how real-time tweaking and AI is starting to lead to forecasting.


Dean Hindman CA, EMBA

Dean is the Director and co-founder of STORELAB™, an innovative service and solution platform providing virtual testing and idea on in the retail market. 

Dean was with KPMG, first in Australia and then in the UK for 10 years, specialising in risk management and systems business process improvement with KPMG. 

Following this decade in the UK, Dean returned to Australia and has been involved with multiple start ups which ultimately led to the co-development of STORELAB™ 5 years ago.

Patrick Futcher, BE(Tron)

Patrick, a Mechatronic Engineer with the STORELAB team, leads the development of our customer facing suite of tools and products.  Patrick brings an integrated layer to the team where VR is starting to mix with physical electronics (aged care, rehabilitation, experiences & exercise).

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