Updated: Nov 12, 2020

70% of StoreLab VR clients don’t use a headset. Whilst it is clear that from a research perspective, the one-on-one virtual simulation via a headset is essential for a candidate to be immersed so that a real response can be measured, the use of a 2D screen is a powerful and simple communicator. Many companies undervalue, until they experience it, the collaborative benefits behind presenting a virtual story and environment on a ‘big screen’ to their entire audience. Some of our clients have 6m wide screens, which make you feel like you are in another room, with the simulated environments looking life like and real size in front of you, with your entire team experiencing and collaborating together. Reach out for more info... #shopper#shopperinsights#retailstrategy#retailinsights#retailinnovation#shopperdata#retailVR#virtualreality#virtualcollaboration#leading#onlineshop

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Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Business will bounce back...BUT......it will be different. None of us have ever seen a global impact on this scale before, and this will result in changes that will NOT revert back to normal. This is the time to be thinking about your product, your experience, and how it fits into the future world. I cringe a bit when people say, it will be 9 months before things get back to NORMAL….i.e. should it go back to normal. I mean sure, café, hospitality and travel will bounce back, but a lot will bounce back in a DIFFERENT way. Yes, much of the same product will still be available, but delivered in a different way. Cost minimization and efficiency planning is kicking in on a global scale, where significant justification will be required to revert back to the ‘old ways’. Why do I really need that satellite office? Can I not continue to run this from a central area? What if this happens again? Does my marketing need to be so customized per region? Should I use this space for something better? Engaging with my customer in this format is perhaps better? Get in touch to demo virtual store simulations, empowering you to communicate & innovate both perfect and future stores. #shopper #retailinnovation #shopperinsights #retailexperience #retailstrategy #retailinsights

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Keep working with your retailers using StoreLab virtual work at home tools - This is an absolute must for sales, shopper and insights teams. You might just join the list that are working out how to thrive and communicate using leading technologies. Get in touch with me for a free demonstration #retailinnovation #retailexperience #retailstrategy #retailinsights #retailtech

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