STORELAB™ Research distills gaze point to industry leading insights. Rich, Fast eye tracking identifies the specific's about what was looked at by using the Gaze Point. Use this data to get rich data and insights about Shopper response to Campaigns, Pack Design and Planograms.


  • Flexible test-design allows subjects to navigate stores, have a pre-defined path, or mixture of both

  • Tracking Gaze Points give ability to test designs far and beyond other systems

  • Extract file data spreadsheets to collate and analyse for insights

  • STORELAB™Research operates with normal LCD monitors, Headsets and Online


STORELAB's globally unique eye tracking software provides real-time data and captures the entire 3D space rather than ambiguous, indecipherable 2D tracking.

tried & proven

As leaders in virtual research for retail, we underpin our research projects with a methodology to capturing data that stems from a focus towards behavior based cognitive responses using the global standard System 1 and System 2 approach.  We enable you to get to the real factors that are influencing your shoppers.

We're passionate about service and support, we differentiate ourselves in the VR space because we support you in a complete life cycle. From storytelling through to research, each time you do one, you help the other. Our leading VR headset testing provides powerful eye tracking , however online simulation shops are a natural first step in understanding and regularly testing the shopper mindset. 

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eye-track research 

customized reports
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We provide research services globally using OUR and YOUR research partners and are completely agnostic.
We work directly with global research companies, and/or are happy to work with your regions preferred local agencies.
We can also recommend the right niche agency to meet the brief should you not have any preference (i.e. some jobs require neuro-scientists, or some can be done completely in-house and online with templated questions and simplified online report portal).

We have the tech, the experience and the flexibility to meet your budget and time-frame and