At StoreLab™ we provide our clients with experiential and lifelike VR simulations to help them make well informed decisions before investing significantly.

The team at StoreLab™ have been in retail solutions for over 35 years.We support our clients with research, and interactive virtual and live interactive store experiences. 

The Result? Our clients are standing out from their competition, building Shopper Intimacy, becoming more targeted through continuously refining their offer as well as realising cost efficiencies.

We exist to help you increase efficiency, generate class leading insights, design stand out packaging and deliver stunning client presentations.

Whether you’re designing stores, generating qual or quant insights or creating packaging and point of sale masterpieces, StoreLab has you covered. Our toolkit is based around a central “Perfect store” visualisation module (Connect™) coupled to any number of add on’s with packages tailored to your needs. Alternately for heavy users we offer a fully customized design suite maximising functionality and autonomy.

No matter your business, StoreLab’s suite of shopper visualization tools provides you with market leading technology in a user-friendly customizable package.

From Agency to boardroom to store and everywhere in between StoreLab makes sure that your shopper is never far away and always top of mind.

“Change almost never fails because it's too early. It almost always fails because it's too late.” Seth Godin







“as a company built on innovation and from ‘anything can be done’, integrating virtual simulations into the research process has become a natural extension on our solutions we see Virtual Reality being both integral and the norm , used to immerse audiences and test subjects to deliver value and integrity to the data and insights”



what our
customers say

Business Mgr

" STORELAB: taking customer engagement and store design to the next level. Building on a history as a leader in hardware design and fabrication, this is a leap forward in bringing designers, suppliers and retailers together in an engaging environment. This capability allows evaluation and adjustment of store designs and shelf layouts in a VR setting, in real time allowing for real-time feedback and collaboration."

Commercial Sales Director
Campari Group

" StoreLab is an outstanding facility to engage both Customers and internal businesses in regards to the possibility around in-store execution. From Planograms to new merchandising equipment to full store design the technology is ‘world class’ in bringing it all to life... The advantage of StoreLab is the team behind the scenes have a long history of the industry as well as hardware design and fabrication, which means solutions developed are best in class, but can also be credibly produced. The capability of the facility allows evaluation and adjustment of designs in a VR setting, in real time allowing for real-time feedback and collaboration."

Head of Online Grocery,

" StoreLab's Virtual Reality platform transformed 'how we do' business with our retail partners. Not only did it bring many departments/stakeholders together (both at Tip Top and our Customers), but it also gave us a simple, fast and effective platform to experiment and test our strategic thinking. The StoreLab team are nimble, accommodating and ensured that nothing was left to chance. StoreLab continues to push the edges of VR with their team to ensure their customers experience industry leading results.
I would highly recommend working with the team at Storelab."

Shopper Marketing Mgr

Tip Top Bakeries

" Storelab has been an excellent partner to our business. Enabling us to create a virtual store environment which can be changed and manipulated ‘on the spot’ has added real value to us internally and externally. Storelab’s passion to push the boundaries and turn briefs around in lightning speed has been a real asset. Storelab are constantly innovating against their unique technology, to keep ahead of the game and meet the needs of its clients."